bits and pieces that are on my mind these days.


I am so bad at keeping this blog up to date. I go through phases of never posting and then posting up to several times a day, every day. I’m sorry if you read this blog and are frustrated. But imagine living in my head..

A few things have been going on lately. We might be moving house. I mean, we should be moving house in the next couple of weeks, but someone needs to rent our current one first. Until that happens, we can’t move..and the difficult thing is that we won’t move at all unless this miracle happens roughly by the end of the month. This is causing me a roller coaster of feelings. One day it’s cool and I’m relaxed about it and not worried and the next day it’s all I can think about.

Another thing. It has been really hot lately. I love that and wish it was like this all the time. It reminds me of the summers we enjoyed in the States when I was little and it makes me want to travel back in time and live it all over again. You can enjoy it so much more when you are a kid and have no responsibilities and lots of time off school. My best memories are of the creek in Missouri that me and my friends would drink from, spending hours (or maybe not) hanging off the monkey bars in the playground at NTM, watching enormous thunder storms in the evenings, swimming in the Lake of the Ozarks, jungle camp, air conditioning, mint chocolate chip ice cream and worrying I would encounter a rattle snake on my adventures (I never did).

Third and fourth thing. Ok I can’t really say on here because they are just private things that I don’t want to talk about publicly but just so you know, there’s a third and fourth thing and they are taking up a lot of my thinking time.

Fifth. My parents now live in Holland (in fact they are just about to move into their new house) and I miss them a lot and can’t wait to go see them in the Autumn. If only travel was cheaper then I would go every weekend. My brother and his family live in Sheffield and my other brother and his wife live in the States. I just miss them all so much and wish we all lived closer to each other. Family is just so important and mine is especially awesome.

And finally, I’m discovering and experiencing community and all that it means and encompasses. God is so good to us and provides us with exactly what we need and even with what we want. And then He gives us friends to love and share it all with. I’m so grateful.

That’s all for now folks!


a few quick things


1. I didn’t run a 5k on marathon day. BUT…I DID run a 5k two days before! My knee isn’t better yet but I am loving being a member of the gym and being able to do lots of various exercise – my favourite are (still) running, free weights, swimming and the body conditioning classes. I’ve recently also looked up some TRX workouts which I can’t wait to try. I am a little worried everyone will laugh at me when they see me get tangled up in a mess but I won’t let it stop me. 🙂

2. Lee and I are taking a month off social media – that is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I miss Instagram the most.

3. I’ve been ill the last couple days and I’m reeeeeeeally bored of lying down.

4. I did my first ever online grocery shop today and I’m a little over excited about receiving it tomorrow (weird?)

5. We went to America last month and I’ve still got the post-holiday blues.

6. I think I might have to shut my blog down because I am way too lame at keeping it up to date.


Bye ya’ll!

two announcements: one exciting, one probably very boring.


Ok I have a serious need to update on this blog because so much has happened.

Well….really two things have happened that are worth mentioning.

1. My beautiful baby niece was born on Wednesday the 30th January and she is called Abigail Grace. She’s a total beaut and here is my favourite pic of her with her brother Joshua giving her a little protective cuddle and kiss. ADOOOOORBS!



It is amazing to welcome a niece/nephew into the world. Family ROCKS. I cannot wait to go meet her in March!!!

While we’re at it, why not enjoy this photo of my brother and Joshua proudly presenting their Snowman and Snowdog creations! I’m still amazed at how much snow we have had recently in this country. It’s cray.



2. The second thing is that I have joined the gym. My aim this year was to get my knee better and to be able to run pain free. And I think this is my best option right now.  At the gym I can run on a treadmill (softer, no cambering, etc) and I can work on all my other muscles and get generally fitter and stronger without making my knee suffer in the process by doing low impact exercise.  I’ve already had a couple half hour runs and they have been pain free. I also bought some minimalist running shoes from Brooks which have been great so far but it’s still early days.  My hope is that they also will help my knee by getting me to run with a more natural stride and with less impact on my heels and joints.

This is what they look like, I am super big on the pink workout gear – it’s where I let my girly side shine!

pure cadence pink


Aren’t they amazeballs?

Ok, one last photo for fun. The other day Lee and I were having a lazy morning on our day off. I was in my PJs when the doorbell rang and my Brooks arrived so I immediately tried them on and never wanted to take them off again (they are suuuuuper comfortable by the way). So I went to the kitchen wearing my PJs and Brooks because no one was looking and got myself some yoghurt with granola and banana. I walk back into the living room and BAM. I spilled the yoghurt EVERYWHERE.  I have scrubbed the carpet a few times already but there is still a faint white stain. The yoghurt actually went all over my laptop as well but you can’t see that in the picture because I grabbed it very very quickly to rescue it….and then took the photo.



stophoest, a new wheel and a clam


A while back, before Christmas, I woke up one morning to find that someone had stolen the front wheel off my bike.  It was parked right outside our front door and locked to a lamppost but the thief must have noticed how beautiful my bike was and just had to have a piece of it to take home and cuddle.  I mean, who wouldn’t? So Lee finally ordered me a new wheel and it arrived this week. I can’t wait to get my legs pumping again, especially because it is pretty good for my knee I think.


Another gift appeared in the mail in the shape of a little parcel from my mum who is a legend and knows exactly which sweets I like from Holland and how to make me feel loved and special. 🙂 These are called “Stophoest” which means “stop cough”….I don’t know if they are really supposed to help with a cough but they certainly help with the sweet cravings.


All is going well on the knee exercises front – I amazed myself the other night when I was watching tv and getting really sleepy and ready to drag my body upstairs into bed (nice image huh) when I suddenly remembered that I needed to do the clams and lunges and single leg raises so I DID THEM. yes. I rock.

Oh, if you’re wondering what a clam is, here are the two different kinds, I will leave it up to you to guess which one I mean.



one new years resolution


i hate new years resolutions because they’re usually synonymous with failure. it’s become a bit of a good intention without any real expectation of success. so i usually don’t bother with them and just try to live a life where i try to be open to changing and developing all the time as a person, no matter what time of year it is.

however. i’m kinda angry with myself.  i worked really hard to get back into running and to do all the exercises and stretching and strengthening that i needed to do to get my knee functioning properly again. it went well for a few months but right before christmas my knee started to hurt again, for no apparent reason. it would start to hurt after 15 minutes, which is what it always did before. and my IT band has been super tight and painful, often my right leg and hip just aches all day.  so over the christmas holiday (basically for the past three weeks) i haven’t really done any exercises and haven’t tried running again. i’ve just been spending these past weeks being fed up and demotivated and feeling sorry for myself about it all. i’ve been here before though, many times…and i will never get bored of picking myself up and trying again, it’s in my nature and i love the challenge too much! SO….without any further complaint, my new years resolution is to do exactly that – try again. I will religiously do the strengthening exercises and start off with short runs and work my way up. i WILL book another appointment with the osteopath and hope and pray that he has some good news/advice for me. if i am destined to work with knee pain for the rest of my life then so be it. i have much to be thankful for.  so my goal is to go on a 5k run on the day of the London Marathon. the LM is significant for me because watching the marathon on tv was what got me motivated to get into running a few years ago. so there you have it. a new years resolution!



Christmas…Family and Food


The second two things that are synonymous with Christmas are Family and Food.  Without these two things I think Christmas would be totally pointless (apart from the Jesus thing of course). Unfortunately I didn’t get to see my younger brother, his wife or my parents this year which has been sad and I really miss them. Having family that live abroad sucks at times like this.  But thankfully we were still blessed to spend Christmas with Lee’s mum and dad and we also visited my older brother and his family.

Because we get a week off it gave me some time to try out all those recipes that I’ve been saving for a rainy day (and boy was Christmas rainy this year). Below are a couple examples of my exquisite culinary skills and some good ol’ family times. 🙂


Opening presents and throwing wrapping paper on the floor – it’s this weird family tradition we have.


Using leftover meat from Christmas dinner to make shredded beef in the slow cooker. DELICIOUS.


Somebody wrote something pretty darn funny on that Christmas card


Drinking wine while cooking – I am a real housewife now


My first attempt at bread & butter pudding at my FIL’s request. Apparently it turned out great but I am not a fan of soggy bread.


A must have at this time of year – Dutch speculaas biscuits


Niek and Joshua having yogurt time


Sofa time with Uncle Lee

And Jane, I just realised there are not photos of you or me! So….you guys will just have to believe me that we were really there…taking the photos obviously.

Well that’s pretty much it, it’s been a wonderful Christmas which will be topped off nicely by tonight New Year’s Eve partay….me, Lee, a coupla friends and a lasagne. Life couldn’t be better!

Merry Christmas y’all, and a Happy New Year!



Christmas – The Feeling!


Christmas is about many things. First and foremost it is about remembering Jesus and his birth, the start of his mission to save the world.  Ultimately that is my focus of this time of year and the reason for celebrating it in the first place.

Then there are three things that bring this special holiday together – the feeling, family, and food (very pleased that I could come up with three words starting with F, my OCD-ness is satisfied once again)!

The feeling of Christmas is many things – a wintery blend of the smell of cinnamon, the taste of clementines, a cozy atmosphere, jingley (yes that is a word I just made up) music, childlike excitement, warm mittens, fairy lights….this feeling is like no other at any time of year.  I will never get bored of the Christmas magic and I enjoyed plenty of it this year!